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The Charity for Civil Servants website (link opens in a new window)The Charity for Civil Servants

The Charity for Civil Servants helps current and former civil servants and their dependants who may have personal difficulties, be struggling, suffering hardship or in need, by offering support, advice and financial assistance, during their working lives and in retirement.

Established over 126 years ago, the Charity actively makes a difference to thousands of civil servants who face unexpected challenges and who have nowhere else to turn for assistance.

What help does the Charity provide?

Each year, over 10,000 civil servants from across all grades and departments find themselves in a position where they need support – be it financial, emotional or practical.

Information, advice and support: The Charity’s friendly and dedicated advice line workers provide a wealth of information and support and are a listening ear when required.

Referral to trusted partners: Providing more specialist advice to tackle specific issues, the Charity can refer applicants to other organisations who can help. They have a UK-wide network of friendly staff and volunteers who can arrange to discuss matters face to face, over the phone or by email and letter.

Financial Support: For those struggling to pay bills and are stressed by mounting debt, the Charity help with access to money advice and guidance and may be able to provide some financial support.

Carer’s Passport: For those caring for a relative who need flexibility in the workplace – the charity is able to create a support package for both staff member and line manager.

Health on your Mind: An initiative for staff and managers - online toolkits to support emotional wellbeing and to provide signposting to additional avenues of support.

Who does the Charity help?

Current and former civil servants and their families as well as ‘Associated Organisations’ who are outside the mainstream Civil Service, but are entitled to access help and assistance from the Charity because they carry Associated Organisation status. 

What help is given?

The Charity has a wide range of services including information, support and advice to help with debt and budgeting, caring for a relative, disability issues, emergencies, mental health and wellbeing, illness, relationship breakdown, bereavement and retirement and residential care advice.

For more information about the welfare services offered, see The Charity for Civil Servants website (link opens in a new window)

Examples of people who have been helped

  1. Martin Cook is a former civil servant at The Property Services Agency. He was made redundant shortly after his wife left him and was struggling to pay rent arrears and utility bills. We helped him with a grant which put him in good stead to negotiate lower repayments. Since then he has cleared his debts and put it all behind him.
  2. Kathleen Tovey has age-related macular degeneration which means her sight has deteriorated to such a point that she only has peripheral vision. The Charity was able to help buy a software program that could read the computer for her.  It gave her back her independence. “I can safely say it has given me my whole life back...” 


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