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RNIB logoRNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People)

RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) is the leading UK charity offering information, support and advice to almost two million people with sight loss.

The key priorities for RNIB are: 

  • stopping people losing their sight unnecessarily
  • supporting blind and partially sighted people to live independently
  • creating an inclusive society.

RNIB was established 144 years ago and offers a wide range of services to blind and partially sighted people, their families and carers. 

The Grants Service offers grants to blind and partially sighted people to help them live independently in their homes.

Who we help

Registered severely sight impaired/blind or registered sight impaired/partially sighted people living in the UK. 

Registration is not essential if applications are made on behalf of someone with sight loss aged eight or under.

Applicants must be in receipt of a means-tested benefit, and one that is not a tax credit. They must have been refused funding from their social services or other statutory body for the items required.

Type of grants

Grants are given for:

  • carpets
  • cookers
  • debts for essential services (but not recurring debts)
  • essential adaptations
  • repairs or redecoration
  • fridges and freezers
  • furniture
  • other domestic equipment and washing machines.

Additional criteria

The maximum grant is £400. If the total amount needed is more than this, the rest of the funding must be found elsewhere before applying to RNIB for the remainder.

Successful applicants must wait for three years before applying to RNIB for a grant again. Unsuccessful applicants must wait six months before applying again.

Emergency grants are not provided.


Application forms can be requested by phone on 0303 123 9999, by email or post.  They can also be downloaded from the website. Contact details are given above. The team will contact you to confirm receipt of your form and ensure all the information needed has been provided. Decisions will be notified within three weeks.

Information, advice and support

Benefits checks and other support can be requested from the Advice Service on the grants form, or by ringing the Helpline on 0303 123 9999 - the main route into the full range of RNIB services.

These include:

  • the Emotional Support Telephone Counselling
  • Talking Books
  • Talk and Support which offers telephone groups for adults with sight loss in the UK, available from the comfort of people's home.

As a membership organisation, RNIB also works together with members to shape the future for people with sight loss.

Examples of people who have been helped

  1. Miss J is registered severely sight impaired and is also deaf and on a very low income. The carpet in her lounge was threadbare and becoming hazardous. RNIB were able to help with the purchase price for a new one to help with her comfort and safety.
  2. Mr F is registered severely sight impaired. Over the last few years he has led an unsettled lifestyle and was homeless. RNIB contributed to the purchase of a cooker and fridge for his new home. The Advice Service also completed a full benefits check.   


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