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Information about Retail TrustRetail Trust

What is Retail Trust?

Retail Trust is the only charity that looks after the needs of all three million people working in retail in the UK and Ireland.

The Retail Trust Helpline (0808 801 0808) is a free and confidential service that offers independent advice and access to free counselling, free legal and debt advice, free hardship grants, free course funding for career development and much more.

The Helpline team offer support with all kinds of personal issues including bullying, racism, abuse, crime, drugs and debt. You can call about absolutely anything, so if you need to talk about something, please get in touch.

Who does Retail Trust help?

We look after everyone working on the shop floor, in the store warehouses, head office staff, logistics teams, online staff and everyone in between, including those in the boardroom. We also look after those retired from the retail sector and people who have been made redundant from retail.

How does Retail Trust help?

Through the Retail Trust Helpline, you can access a range of services:

  • Hardship grants that change people’s lives for everything from white goods, renovations needed after an injury or illness, through to help with mortgage arrears
  • Legal advice on most legal matters provided by qualified professionals
  • Debt advice that can help people to resolve their debts in different ways
  • Counselling that can help people through difficult times - up to six free face-to-face or telephone sessions
  • ReWork programme (link opens in a new window) that can help redundant retailers back into a job with a Guide, Coaching and Workshops 
  • Course Funding (link opens in a new window) to help people develop their careers in retail
  • Retirement Housing with supported living arrangements on retirement estates in London, Derby, Liverpool, Salford and Glasgow.

Examples of people Retail Trust has helped

Retail Trust helps improves Linda's quality of life

Linda suffers from a degenerative congenital disease of the joints and is deemed unfit for work by her doctor. She cannot use the stairs and with the bathroom and bedroom located upstairs, her living conditions are extremely difficult. A local charity has helped her to secure a bungalow with disability adaptations installed. They approached Retail Trust for a contribution towards removal costs to enable her to move into this property, which is more suited to her needs. Retail Trust agreed to help Linda with her removal costs. Moving into this property will significantly improve Linda’s quality of life.

Staying independent after a stroke

After suffering a stroke, Geoffrey struggles to get into the shower and has to rely on his son to help him with getting in and out, which means he can only shower when his son is available.  Fitting installation of the walk-in-shower will enable him to remain independent, and access the shower without any support. Retail Trust awarded Geoffrey £500 towards the installation of walk-in shower.

Keeping a roof above Adam's head

Adam’s financial difficulties began when his partner died; he was supporting them both financially. He suffered severe depression after this and is receiving support from his GP. Adam was unaware during this time that he was eligible for income support and did not claim benefits and became behind with his rental payments. The landlord is looking to pursue an eviction order unless the rent arrears can be substantially reduced. Adam made significant strides to manage the depression and has succeeded in securing part time employment.  He will be able to meet future rental payments with benefits supplementing his wages. Retail Trust made contributions towards paying off his rental arrears debt and this financial support will enable him to continue making progress in his efforts to get his life back. Furthermore, it will ensure that he does not become homeless.

Can Retail Trust help you today?

Freephone: 0808 801 0808 seven days per week

Outside UK: +44 845 766 0113

Text HELPLINE plus your question or query to 88010*


Helpline Online (link opens in a new window) - where you will find information on many issues under the headings of Work, Money, Legal, Self and Family.

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