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Information about Turn2us' charity of the monthCharity of the Month

Charity of the Month is a monthly feature that Turn2us offers to charitable funds listed on our Grants Search and other charities that are in partnership with us or work in fields relating to Turn2us aims and objectives.

The aim is to publicise the work of the charity of the month. A brief summary about the charitable fund or charity is given on the Turn2us home page with a link to another page with more information about their activities and aims.

It is free of charge to charitable funds and charities.

Charity of the Month: April 2015

The Charity for Civil Servants

How does my charity apply to be Charity of the Month

If you would like your charity to feature as our charity of the month, please contact Turn2us at:

Bridget McCall, Turn2us Information Department, Hythe House,

200 Shepherds Bush Road, London W6 7NL


The feature should be set out using the following template.

  1. Brief summary of the work you do for the home page and for the first paragraph of the linked page
  2. Who do you help? For example, who is eligible for help from you and in what circumstances
  3. What help do you give? For example, if you are a charitable fund: types of grants, size of grants and what to pay for, other help you give, such as advice, counselling, training, visiting etc. If you are charity providing information and services: your aims and objectives, what you provide nationally and locally
  4. Examples of how you have helped someone
  5. Copy should be written in plain English. Turn2us main target audiences are people in financial need, intermediaries working with them and charities. 
  6. Please write in third person rather than first - e.g. "Turn2us's work..." rather than "Our work..."
  7. Copy should be a maximum of 500 words
  8. NB: submissions may be edited to fit with Turn2us website style
  9. Please also supply a large photo suitable for use as a 'hero' image (PDF file size 191kb) (preferably JPEG, PNG or GIF format).


See the current charity of the month's profile (link on this page) for an example.

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