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Affected by floods and bad weather? - Turn2us

Turn2us Grants Search databaseAre you affected by the floods and bad weather that parts of the UK has had in the past few days? If you have no money available to meet the immediate short-term needs of you and your family, you could be eligible for a Crisis Loan from the Social Fund (now abolished - see local welfare provision for replacement service).

Depending on your circumstances, background and needs, you could also be eligible for help from a charitable fund.

Charitable funds

Charitable funds give grants to people in financial need who meet their eligibility criteria, using a sum of money that the grant-giving charity that has set aside for this purpose.

This section explains more about how they work.

They are run by charities that have grant giving as part of their aims and objectives.

Although some grant-giving charities have only one fund, others run several funds that give money for different purposes.

In most cases, charitable funds have been set up to assist people in financial need who have something in common, such as:

Particular disabilities or illnesses Jobs or industries that a person is currently or was previously working in Faiths Nationalities Living in a particular area of the UK Trying to manage on a low income A specific age group, e.g. ‘older people’ or ‘children and ‘young people aged under 18’. Very occasionally you will find that a charitable fund is ‘open to all’. This usually means that the only qualification you must have to apply for help is that you are in financial need.

Many funds also help the dependents of people their fund supports – e.g. their partners, ex-partners or children.

Turn2us Grants Search database

If you are looking for grants or other help from charitable funds, you can use the Turn2us Grants Search database to search for them.

The Turn2us Grants Search database contains details of over 3,000 charitable funds that give grants. This includes all publicly-registered funds that give at least £500 a year to individuals who may:

be in financial need and have welfare needs be on a low income
require help with the costs associated with education and training courses.

You can do this by using the:

  • Assisted Search which provides you with a step-by-step guide to searching for funds that match your background and experience
  • Advanced Search which provides a series of drop-down boxes from which you can select the criteria that applies to your situation or the person you are seeking help for 
  • A-Z listing of charitable funds listed on the database and their contact details.

Where the charitable fund accepts enquiries through the Turn2us website, you can also make contact with them directly using our online enquiry form.

Use the Turn2us Grants Search database

Local councils

Local councils in affected areas may also be able to provide information, advice or  emergency support. You can find links to local council websites on the Directgov website (link opens in new window).

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