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Britons caught in a perfect storm of inequality - Turn2us

Oxfam website (link opens in a new window)Britons are being caught in a "perfect storm" of rising living costs and falling incomes at a time of cuts to public services that threaten to return the country to levels of inequality not seen since Victorian times.

This conclusion is part of a new report, The Perfect Storm: Economic stagnation, the rising cost of living, public spending cuts, and the impact on UK poverty, published by Oxfam today.

This documents how the Government's deficit reduction strategy is disproportionately impacting those on the lowest incomes.

Publication of the report is timed to coincide with the release of the Government's latest data on Households Below Average income later today, which are expected to reveal an increase in the number of working people living in poverty.

Read the Oxfam press release (link opens in a new window)

Source: Guardian news article (link opens in a new window)

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