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Child poverty consultation launched

Child Poverty consultation coverThe Department for Work and Pensions and Department for Education are running a consultation measuring child poverty. The aim is to develop better measures of child poverty which include income, but provide a more accurate picture of the reality of child poverty today. This consultation asks how the UK can best reflect the reality of child poverty using a multidimensional measure.

A number of potential dimensions are proposed: income and material deprivation, worklessness, unmanageable debt, poor housing, parental skill level, access to quality education, parental health and family stability.

The departments would welcome views on the specifics of each dimension, as well as whether we should include other dimensions.

Devolved governments and child poverty

The Child Poverty Act 2010 targets and measures apply across the United Kingdom. Any better measures of child poverty would also apply across
the United Kingdom. However the departments running the consultation recognise that some of the important policy levers needed to reduce poverty are the responsibility of the devolved governments.

The devolved governments are key partners in tackling the root causes of poverty and have each published strategies to achieve this. The Government will continue to work closely with them to reduce child poverty across all parts of the United Kingdom.”

Date of publication: 16 November 2012

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