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Cuts hit disabled people hard - Turn2us

Destination Unknown Summer 2012The cuts to social benefits made as part of the Welfare Reform Act 2012 have left many disabled families struggling for survival, according to a new study of the impact of the Government's austerity programme published by think tank Demos.

Since the first changes to benefits were announced in 2010, Demos has explored the impact of these on disabled people through the Destination Unknown series, reporting twice a year on how six disabled households have been faring.

The Destination Unknown report: Summer 2012 calculates that people with disabilities and their carers have seen their income collectively cut by £500 million in the past two years, leaving many increasingly financially impoverished, socially isolated and at risk of declining mental health.

The research warns that the lives of many people with disabilities will continue to deteriorate over the next three years as a further £9 billion of predicted cuts to disability support take effect and social care budgets are further reduced.

It concludes that the Government must change impact assessments so that they do not just consider the aggregate impact of one cut, but assess the cumulative impact of several cuts on individual households. Until the Government is able to understand the household-level impact of multiple changes to benefits and services, the human cost of the austerity measures will remain overlooked and policy will be all the worse for it.

Read the Destination Unknown report (link opens in a new window)

Source: Guardian news article (link opens in a new window)

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