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Today is World Mental Health Day

Mental Health Foundation website (link opens in a new window)Today is World Mental Health Day - a campaign that promotes public awareness of mental health issues with a particular focus on depression this year.

Mental health issues are of particular concern at this time of recession and financial hardship for many people as research from the Republic of Ireland published this week demonstrates. Carried out by See Change, an Irish mental health initiative, the study showed that an increased number of Irish people claim to have some experience a mental health problem, either themselves or through others.

Comment from See Change

Kahlil Thompson-Coyle, Campaign Manager with See Change said: "It is clear that Irish attitudes to mental health problems are in flux and the impact of the recession seems to be a major influence on our attitudes to our own and others’ mental health.

“While financial hardship has seen people’s experience with mental health problems increase, there is also increased fear and perceived risk around being open about a mental health problem with family, partners, friends and colleagues.

"Despite increased intent to seek professional help, attitudes to disclosure and openness around personal experience with a mental health problem have decreased in the period since 2010 and most notably among those under severe financial strain, farmers and young males. An increasing number of those surveyed said they would hide a mental health problem from family, friends, and employers and work colleagues and would even delay seeking help for fear of someone finding out. Similarly, there was an increased belief that peers would react negatively to a person’s mental health disclosure; ignoring the person, distancing themselves, ending relationships and limiting career prospects.

“See Change’s stigma-reduction activities will now focus on those under financial strain as a new target group to engage with a message of recovery, openness and understanding around mental health problems."

World Mental Health Day in the UK

The Mental Health Foundation in the UK fully support World Mental Health Day and provide information resources on mental health. See the Mental Health Foundation website (link opens in a new window) for more information.

Details of other mental health organisations can be found in the Turn2us Useful Links: Specific Health Conditions
Sources: Irish Examiner (link opens in a new window) and Mental Health Foundation (link opens in a new window)

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