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UK charity offers help to parents who are worried about the costs of sending their kids back to school

For immediate release: 5 September 2012

As cuts, salary freezes and childcare fees continue to wipe out family earnings, UK charity Turn2us is urging parents to check their eligibility online to help pay for uniforms, class materials, school trips and lunches.

Anyone can visit the free website in confidence to find out what welfare benefits or charitable grants they may receive and make sure that their children get the best start possible.

The push comes in response to yesterday’s news that schooling has made up the largest increase in family spending with costs estimated to have increased by almost a quarter (24%) from £694 a year in 2007 to £849 in 2012.* According to other reports last week, parents face having to fork out £1,200 on school extras per year.**

The research confirms the charity’s own findings that sending children back to school is a major strain for many families who are already struggling financially.

One in three parents (33%) surveyed said they were worried about the costs they would incur in the new school year, and over a third (34%) said they felt there are too many extras – such as school trips, books and sports equipment – to pay for when sending children to school.

Tragically, around one in eight (12%) parents said their child had been bullied in the last 12 months because they didn’t have the newest or best clothes or equipment for school, and around one in seven (14%) said that their child had not been able to attend school trips the previous year because of the costs involved.

For Rachel, a full-time mother of three, the inability to afford a computer at home meant her children were at risk of falling behind with their homework and couldn’t keep up with their classmates.

“We ended up walking to the library, friend’s houses, absolutely anywhere just to borrow one. It was soul destroying because my partner was working every hour he had then there were days when we didn’t have a penny in our pockets.”
It was only when Rachel came across Turn2us that she discovered her family were entitled to Housing Benefit and help with Council Tax. This allowed her save up enough to buy a computer and relieve some of the financial pressure.

“We were already claiming Child and Working Tax Credit and had been told that added help such as  free school dinners were off the cards so I thought we were already receiving all we could.”

“I would say to all other parents out there that the system is very complicated so it’s worth checking Turn2us even if you are already claiming grants and benefits, or have been turned away somewhere else.”


For more information, please contact:   Maria Fsadni, Press Officer

Email: Telephone: 020 8834 9200

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