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Pete and his wife, who have three children, are both unable to work. Pete, because he was left disabled through a back injury he sustained in an industrial accident 23 years ago, and his wife because she has primary progressive multiple sclerosis and needs his support as a carer.

Struggling to make ends meet

The family was struggling to make ends meet and Pete was feeling confused about which benefits were available to him and his family after changes were made to the system. He decided that he needed help in checking what support was available to the family. A friend recommended Turn2us and gave him the helpline number.

Child Tax Credit

When Pete called the helpline, the adviser confirmed that the family were already claiming most of the welfare benefits they were entitled to. However, they were not receiving Child Tax Credit. Pete managed to make a successful claim for this benefit, which has increased the family’s income by £400 per month.

Additional income makes a huge difference

Pete says that this additional income is making a huge difference to the family and has eased the pressure in paying their bills.

He said:  

I’m 100% pleased with what Turn2us did for me. It's so nice to know that someone is there to turn to and know that they’re there if we need help again in the future.

Use the Turn2us online tools to find help

Anyone struggling to pay their bills or confused with the benefits changes can use our free Benefits Calculator and Grants Search to find out what help might be available.

Send us your stories

If you have a story, like Pete, about how Turn2us has helped you or a loved one, we'd love to hear from you.

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