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Like many of the people we help, Amy was struggling financially despite being in full time work. She was finding it especially difficult to afford to keep her home warm and her family fed. Here she shares her story…

“I’m a single mum with two young children, and I work full-time. Although my job pays reasonably well, my rent is nearly two-thirds of my take-home wage, and I was finding it increasingly difficult to pay my bills.
I had to decide regularly between food and electricity, and when it got to the point where I wasn’t sure how I’d afford to feed my children, I knew I needed to get some help.

I found information on benefits confusing and conflicting and got the impression I’d be ineligible because I’m working full-time. But after speaking with a friend I decided to try again and have a look online.

After using the Turn2us Benefits Calculator, I discovered that I was eligible for Housing Benefit and I now receive £100 per week.

The extra income has made a dramatic impact. My basics are now covered which is brilliant, and I have the security of knowing that I can pay my bills and put food in the table. I feel 100% less worried, and feeling less stressed means I can now spend more quality time with my children.”

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