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Tina's Story

Tina, a mum of four, knows first-hand how meeting the costs of childcare can be a struggle. Here she shares her experiences.


When I separated from my husband, things started to get difficult financially. I work full-time but my wages simply weren’t enough to cover my everyday costs and support my children. When I started paying my bills on my credit cards I knew that this wasn’t a long-term solution and that I should try and find some extra help before my debts mounted further.

A friend recommended Turn2us to me, so I went online and used the Benefits Calculator. I discovered that I was entitled to claim Housing Benefit and an increase in my Child Tax Credit.

I’m now able to put some of this extra money towards my childcare costs, and my children’s after-school clubs – which I wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. It’s made such a difference to all of us and helped me feel more independent.

The system can be complicated, and before I checked, I wasn’t sure what I could be entitled to, so I’d recommend Turn2us to other parents in similar situations.”

Anyone struggling to pay their childcare costs can use our free Benefits Calculator and Grants Search to find out what help might be available.

If you have a story about how Turn2us has helped you or a loved one please do send them to us.

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