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How two carers found help

Read Matthew and Leo's stories of finding help through Turn2us.

This month, our real-life stories come straight from carers who we have helped. Read Matthew and Leo's stories below to find out how they found support when they were struggling. 


Matthew’s story


“I am a carer for my wife who has mental and physical disabilities, and I have three children. After I was made redundant from my job, it took me a while to find further work. I eventually found a part-time job, but with an annual income of less than £10,000, we started to get in to arrears with our mortgage, electricity and heating bills.
With debts mounting up, I knew that we needed to get some help at this point. I’d heard about Turn2us in the media so decided to call their helpline.
Turn2us put me in touch with a charity linked to my wife’s former profession. We were successful in applying for an annual grant of £800, which has made a big difference in paying off our debts. It’s given us peace of mind that we have this extra income coming in regularly. It’s also allowed us to make little changes that make a huge difference such as brightening up our kitchen with a lick of paint, which has cheered my wife up a great deal.
I feel more positive and would say to anyone else who is struggling to give it a go too. There are people out there to help you - you’ve got nothing to lose.”


Leo’s story


“I live with my partner and our three children. My partner is disabled and unable to work, and my son is autistic.
We were just about getting by financially on my salary and the Disability Living Allowance we received for my partner and son.
However everything changed when I became ill and was unable to work for over six months. We struggled to try and get by on the sick pay I received at just £80 per week. As the bills mounted, I started to panic – there was more money going out than coming in. We got further in to debt and even considered going in to bankruptcy as our suppliers threatened to take us to court.
We were desperate for help so started to look on money saving websites to see what we could find. That’s when I came across Turn2us, so I decided to give it a try.
I used the Benefits Calculator which told me we were eligible for several benefits – Income Support and Carer’s Allowance. I never realised we might be able to claim these, but was able to make a successful application.
We now receive over £200 per week through these benefits which has made everything more manageable for us. We are starting to get ourselves back afloat. I’d urge anyone in a similar position to look for help rather than struggling – you’ll probably find something you were never aware of, and if you don’t check, you’ll never know.”