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Turn2us rebrand: why we're changing

Elizabeth Finn Care and Turn2us have now come together under one name. We've answered some questions about this change and how it will impact on our work.

You have probably noticed our new website and our new look, but you might have wondered if and how our new brand may affect how we work with intermediaries. We have put together answers to some questions you might have to tell you more about why we are doing this, what's changing and what's not.

What’s happening?

As of Monday 18th May 2015, both Elizabeth Finn Care and Turn2us have come under the Turn2us brand.

There are a number of reasons why we have decided to do this, but the main one is that by joining forces we can help more people as well as encouraging new audiences to support our work.

As our work continues to grow it is getting increasingly difficult to convey the work that we do. This not only impacts our ability to raise vital funds but also means that many who could benefit from our support are unaware that we exist.
We have chosen Turn2us as a name because we think it is the best choice for representing all of the charity’s work. It’s also the most well-known ‘brand’ that the charity uses which gives us more opportunities to fundraise.

How does this impact on our charitable activity?

It doesn’t. We help people to access support including welfare benefits, charitable grants and a range of services – online, by phone, and face-to-face through partner organisations and volunteers and we will continue to do that. What will change is that by coming under one brand we will be clearer about the support that we can offer as well as allowing us to allocate more resources to the front line.

How do I log in to the new Turn2us website?

  • You will first need to reset your password by selecting "Password" and entering your email address on the following page:
  • An email will be sent to you with a link. Please click this link to reset your password and log in. If you do not receive this email, please check your junk mail filter. 
  • You can then login to your MyTurn2us account

There are also changes to the way client details, benefits calculations and enquiries are accessed. We have added a verification process for intermediary accounts which is explained on this page

This will ensure that unverified intermediaries only have access to their own clients. To request verification, please click the "Request organisation-wide access to the benefits calculator" link on the Update your Details page

How does the rebrand impact on our training workshops?

Our training workshops for intermediaries will stay the same as they have always been. However, intermediaries now have the option to book training workshops online using our Workshop Registration Request form. We believe this will make the process of booking workshops quicker and easier for everyone who is interested in a course. 

We have workshops coming up around the country which are listed on our Turn2us Workshops page. These workshops are designed for people who are not benefit experts but want to know where to find the latest information and updates on welfare benefits and grants. They can also help you learn more about using our new website. 

How does this impact on our relationships with intermediaries?

In light of our recent changes we are planning on working more closely with intermediaries in the future. Our rebrand is designed to help us broaden our reach and raise awareness of the help we can provide. We plan to involve intermediaries more in the work that we are doing and hopefully working together to help more people in need.

How does this impact on direct grants?

The charity has been awarding direct grants for over 118 years and this is not going to change. We currently do this under a number of guises including The Edinburgh Trust, The Lloyds Support Fund, Dresden Homes and Elizabeth Finn Grants, which represents the biggest chunk of our charitable activity and will now be known as the Elizabeth Finn Fund. All of these funds will continue to be operated under the Turn2us brand and their respective eligibility criteria will remain unchanged.

Can the charity afford to rebrand?

By having a stronger identity we can significantly improve our ability to raise more income in the future. We have already seen major savings by combining our teams internally and we decided to carry out the majority of the branding work in-house to avoid paying expensive consultants. This has meant that the costs of rebranding have already been covered by being more efficient, allowing us to channel more resources to the front line.

Have you changed your legal name?

No. Turn2us will be a trading name for Elizabeth Finn Care. It is common practice for charities to maintain their legal name when rebranding and allows us to minimise disruption whilst this change takes place. Cheques will still be valid if made out to either name.

Can I tell you what I think about these changes?

Yes. If you have any feedback for us regarding the recent changes in our charity, you can email