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Guest article - MakeLunch

School holidays are not just a break from the classroom. For many, they are also a break from hot meals.

For the thirteen weeks of school holidays this year, many pupils in the UK will not eat a hot meal each day. At school more than 1.2 million pupils who may otherwise go without are eligible to receive free school meals. Outside of term time though, free school meals are not available and many pupils are left without regular hot food.

This is where MakeLunch comes in. During school holidays, our network of churches and community groups open Lunch Kitchens across the UK to provide free, healthy, cooked food for pupils who usually receive free school meals. We believe that every child deserves to eat a cooked meal every day. 

Since we started in July 2011, we've cooked and served over 36,000 meals in more than 60 locations in England, Scotland and Wales.

In short MakeLunch is a fun, friendly, non-judgemental place that families can attend in the holiday, there is usually fun and games and always a hot meal. Each kitchen looks slightly different, so your local one may run like a holiday club where kids get dropped off or like a café where parents and children hang out together and eat food as a group. 

MakeLunch isn’t just about the food and often provides families and children with opportunities that they might otherwise miss out on. Some kitchens organise trips out, to the zoo or the beach, some have football coaches or animal petting sessions in their setting.  It’s also an opportunity to socialise with others, a chance for children to engage with others and learn by being a part of their community. 

This summer MakeLunch is opening across 52 different locations. To find out where, check out our MakeLunch Kitchens map or contact us at email: to find out how to go to a kitchen.