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Would you like help registering for or using your intermediary account?

Read our answers to your frequently asked questions to help you get your accounts up and running.

Intermediary workshop

My organisation isn't listed. What do I do?

Please click the ‘I can't find my organisation’ button, fill in the 'Request a new organisation' form and click 'continue'. You will then be asked to add branch details, if applicable. Turn2us will need to approve your organisation before you and any other intermediaries connected to your organisation can register for a Turn2us intermediary account. You will be contacted to confirm the Organisation has been successfully set up within seven working days.

Should I register as a branch or an organisation?

The organisation is the main office of the charity/company that operates independently. Branches may be a separate office, department, team or scheme within an organisation. Some charities have independent offices, such as Citizens Advice bureaux. If you operate like this, please register as an organisation and select 'My organisation does not have branches' where applicable. If your organisation does not have branches, please select 'My organisation does not have branches' where necessary while registering.

My email address has already been used to register. What do I do?

If you have registered for an individual account using the email address you would like to use for your intermediary account, please contact us to change the details. You will not be able to use the same email for both accounts.

If you’ve already registered but are having trouble logging in?

  • Check your 'spam' and 'junk' mail folders and then use the ‘forgotten username or password’ button to generate a new one
  • Be aware you need to register your organisation first and then your own account to it
  • Check your email address exactly matches the one you registered with
  • Give your registration request up to a week to be processed.

If you’ve already registered but are having trouble logging in?

You might benefit from one of our intermediary workshops. These are held across the UK and in them we train intermediaries in how to use our tools and website to help support people in financial need.

Please see our Intermediaries Workshops page for more information or to book a session.

Coronavirus Information

My child's school is closing due to the coronavirus outbreak. What can I do?

The government has announced that schools will be closing for the majority of students from 20 March 2020.

Children in the following groups will still be able to go to school if their parents choose to send them:

  • The children of key workers
  • Children receiving support from social services
  • Children with disabilities
  • Children with Education Health and Care Plans (EHCPs​)
  • Young carers

If you need to take time off work to care for your children, you should check your employment rights on the ACAS website.

What if I am well but my employer tells me not to work because of the coronavirus outbreak?

This will depend on your contract and is an employment law issue. You may be able to get advice from ACAS on this. You will not be entitled to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP).

What if I have been in contact with someone with coronavirus and don’t want to go to work and risk infecting my colleagues and customers?

You will only be able to get special help under the coronavirus rules if you are self-isolating in accordance with NHS advice. You can find the current NHS coronavirus advice on the NHS website

What if I am not getting any customers in my self-employed business because of the coronavirus?

You may be able to claim Universal Credit, but you will not be entitled to any special support because of the coronavirus outbreak. You may have the minimum income floor applied to your claim, or you may be required to look for full time-employment.

I’m on a zero-hours contract, will I get paid if I’m told to self isolate?

If you are self-isolating in accordance with NHS guidance and you usually earn at least £120 per week, you should get Statutory Sick Pay even if you are on a zero hours contract.

What if I am homeless with no income so can’t self-isolate and need funds for accommodation?

The government has not published any guidance for what you should do if you are homeless and develop coronavirus symptoms. It would be best to contact your local authority for advice. You should do so by telephone if at all possible.