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Turn2us Grants Update December 2016

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Hospitality Action’s Winter Fuel Grants

Hospitality Action is the trade charity offering a crucial lifeline to people of all ages, working and retired, from the hospitality industry. Whether they are approached by a chef, housekeeper, school cook or waiter, Hospitality Action will endeavour to support, whatever the difficulty.

Sometimes all it takes is a very small change in circumstances to tip the balance and turn a manageable situation into an unmanageable one. An extended illness such as cancer can lead to a drop in pay, other circumstances such as a relationship breakdown, bereavement or redundancy can also put a strain on the household budget.

With the cold weather setting in, Hospitality Action is once again offering support to hospitality retirees and people of working age who are concerned about their heating bills and how they’ll be able to afford to keep their homes warm through the colder weather.

Who is eligible for help?

The Winter Fuel Grants Programme is open to those currently working within the hospitality industry and earning a low wage or those who are now retired.

Grants are for £100.

To apply, you just need to complete a short three page application form and send in confirmation of your work, liability to pay the household fuel bill, income and savings.

Applications are welcome up until March 31st 2017.


Family Fund's Annual Review 2015-2016

Over 15,000 more UK families applied to Family Fund - which helps families of children with severe disabilities - for vital grant support in 2015/16 compared to 2011/12.

The charity's latest Annual Review outlines the impact of the 89,423 grants and support services provided to families across the UK last year – the largest number in the charity’s 43 years of existence – and highlights the continuing and increasing need for support that recognises the extra costs that can be involved in raising a disabled or seriously ill child.

Some of the key statistics include:

  • Family Fund received 85,027 applications for support from families, compared to 69,221 in 2011/2 – a rise of 22.8% over five years.
  • A total of 89,423 grants and services, including digital training, advice on tax credits, and information, advice and support visits, were provided across the UK, worth over £36 million.
  • A total of 2,583 families received help within 48 hours of their urgent application being received, after finding themselves in unexpected financial crisis, for example, towards visiting costs during their child’s hospital care.

Read the Family Fund's Annual Review

Grants Spotlight: GroceryAid

GroceryAid is the charity that helps thousands of grocery people. Whether you work, or have worked, within grocery manufacturing, wholesale, the supply chain or retail, we are here to assist.

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