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Ensuring the Turn2us Helpline is "Digital First"

Update from Head of Helpline Services

helpline advisorAs we move further and further into the 21st century, telephone is no longer always the primary method of contact for our customers. As a “digital first" organisation, Turn2us is committed to increasing our channels of service. However, this can only be achieved with the support of our long-standing partners.

Over the last financial year (2015-2016), our users received over 100 million pounds through our online Benefits Calculator and Grants Search tools. Performing calculations online is the quickest method of service and is often more convenient for your customers. While carrying out a benefit calculation, online users have options to save their progress, return to finish their calculation at a later date or make changes to the calculation in the future if their circumstances change.

We would be grateful if you could, in the first instance, direct your customers to our online tools.  By doing this, you will enable our Helpline team to handle more calls from those users who are unable to use or access our online tools. 

Please take action!

If your customer has internet access please direct them to, which will take them to our page on finding benefits and grants.

We really appreciate your support with our digital first strategy and our aim to reduce calls from users who have the access and ability to use our online tools. In the coming months, our Head of Helpline Services will provide monthly statistics on helpline referrals to create visibility of referral behaviour.

If you’d like more information on our Helpline, please contact Kirsten McKenzie, Head of Helpline Services