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Visitor Spotlight - Aila's Story

Aila shares with us the reasons why she enjoys volunteering with Turn2us

Photo of Aila Peacock

Aila has been one of our volunteers for the last sixteen years and currently supports nine individuals, with her visits increasing all the time. She found out about the role while working as the Administrator at Hampden House, a care home which is part of our sister organisation Elizabeth Finn Care Homes.

Feels Proud

Aila still remembers the nerves during her first visit all those years ago, but she quickly grew in confidence and now feels proud to look back at the role she has played in supporting grant recipient to transform their lives. She views it is a privilege to be allowed into their lives and to be able to help them as they work to tackle the challenges they face.

Enjoys meeting a broad array of people

As a Turn2us Visitor, Aila enjoys meeting a broad array of people, from every level of society and of all ages. She also enjoys the opportunity it presents to travel to new areas of the county. 


Aila feels that being a Visitor is highly worthwhile, providing vital backup support to the Turn2us Team in handling queries. Equally, she has found that the individuals who are supported with grants sometimes feel that they have no one to talk to and that visits offer them the opportunity to reflect and to articulate their problems. 

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