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Volunteering Strategy Launch

On Monday 7th March, Turn2us launched its new Volunteer Strategy in London

Volunteers who attended the Volunteer Launch Strategy

The launch began with a speech from Turn2us Chief Executive Simon Hopkins where he thanked and praised all of the work our volunteers are doing. He said: "The volunteers truly are the life blood of our organisation"

Lynne Regan, Volunteer Support Manager, who has been leading on the new strategy, then thanked staff and volunteers for being involved and for contributing their thoughts and experiences, which have helped to shape the Action Plan to ensure delivery of the strategy. Lynne then gave up the floor to two of our Visitors, Jean Quayle and Brian Willis, who shared their volunteering experiences with staff, Trustees and other Visitors.

Meeting the volunteers

Many of the staff at Turn2us head office appreciated meeting our volunteers and hearing their stories.

Jean Quayle told us how one of the individuals she visits looks forward to her coming  as Jean is the only person the individual sees every year. A Caseworker commented that: "I could tell from listening to Jean that she is very passionate and committed to her role and obviously cares greatly for the people she visits".

For many staff, hearing about how the work of our volunteers has changed the lives of the individuals they visit was particularly heart-warming and uplifting.  It highlighted that the visits themselves were just as important as the financial support we provide.

Brian Willis said

I had a brilliant time, it was lovely to meet all of the staff at the launch and it was nice to put names to faces.

After all of the fantastic speeches, volunteers then mingled with the staff as everyone enjoyed a buffet lunch.

What is our new Volunteering Strategy?

Our new Turn2us Volunteering Strategy will provide the framework for improvements in the structure of our volunteering programme through the delivery of a “joined up” national approach across the organisation and also to our communication with, and support for, our volunteers.

Through the activities outlined in the accompanying Action Plan, we will be growing our volunteering programme through diversification of opportunities across different activities and time commitments to appeal to a wider audience. These new roles are already being formulated and include a Face to Face Services Team Volunteer and developing complimentary roles to the existing Visitor role, e.g. a Community Signposter to link individuals into local support networks.

Befriending role and e-Campaigner

Over the next couple of months, Lynne will also be exploring the creation of a new Befriending role which was a very popular request from the Regional Events. New roles will also be created to help support other teams within the charity, for example an e-Campaigner to support the work of our Communications Team. 

"Skills Bank"

Another exciting initiative will be our new “Skills Bank” where we will be asking our  volunteers to contact us if they are interested in donating their skills to the organisation. For example, a volunteer may have a background in accountancy and could volunteer to assist our Finance Department with a particular project or piece of work.

If you have a particular skill or expertise and this is something you would like to get involved with, please contact Lynne Regan or call her on 020 8834 9274. 

You can also ask Lynne for a copy of the full unabridged version of the Volunteering Strategy which includes details of all the workshop exercise notes so that you can see how everyone’s comments have contributed to the final Strategy.

Huge success

Overall, the Strategy Launch Event was a huge success where volunteers and staff got to see the new direction of volunteering at Turn2us.

Date of publication: 31 March 2016

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