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Volunteers' Week - 1-12 June 2016

What's happening at Turn2us during Volunteers' Week?


Following on from feedback in our Visitor Survey last year, we have decided not to hold a formal event to recognise and thank our volunteers this year. However, we do want to acknowledge the time and dedication that you all give to our work.

This will be done in two ways.

Informal social tea party

We will invite you to attend an informal social tea party in your region so that we, as a charity, can personally express our thanks for everything you do.

We plan to use interesting public venues such as tea rooms, where there is no room hire involved, but where we can reserve places. This means that we can be more flexible about locations and try to be as responsive as possible to demand from volunteers who would like to attend. 

We do hope you will attend, so you can meet other local volunteers as well as some of our staff and celebrate the work we do together as a charity.

Display of stories

At Turn2us Head Office, we will create a display of your stories about being a volunteer with your photo and a short interview (conducted over the telephone by Joseph), providing details about:

  • Why you became a Visitor

  • Your experience of conducting a visit

  • What you would say to a potential volunteer for us as to why they should become one of our Visitors.

From 1st – 9th June, one volunteer's story will be added to the display on each day during this period so that staff and visitors to our Head Office can read about the amazing work of our volunteers. Your stories, with your permission, will also be featured on the volunteering pages of our website and on social media.

Tell us your story or attend an event

If you would be happy to be featured as one of our volunteers or are interested in attending an event, please or call him on 0208 834 9250.

Date of publication: 31 March 2016