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Volunteers' Week 2016

In June, Turn2us celebrated Volunteers' Week by holding regional tea parties.

Volunteers sitting in a circle around tea cakes in a cafe

We had a thoroughly enjoyable Volunteers' Week this year.

The photo above shows one of our celebrations: a “Thank-You” Tea Party in Durham for our Visitors in and around that area. The Visitors enjoyed meeting other volunteers they had not met before and catching up with those they had.

Jan Clarke said: "The tea party in Durham was an excellent opportunity to meet other volunteers from the area and catch up with their news and the Turn2us news from Lynne”.

New volunteering opportunities

Lynne, our Volunteer Support Manager, was pleased to be able to thank some of our volunteers in person and to share details of exciting new roles coming soon as part of our new Volunteering Strategy. These will include Turn2us Ambassadors, Befriender, e-Campaigners and Community Signposter volunteers together with our new Skills Bank where volunteers can offer to donate a particular skill for us to make use of in our work. 

If you would like to register an interest in finding out more about these roles, please contact Lynne or call her on 020 8834 9274 as we will be beginning recruitment for them shortly.

More details of these roles will be found on the website soon and on the Do It, the national volunteering platform, alongside our existing Visitor role.

Visitor case studies

As part of our celebrations we also refreshed our Visitor case studies. These highlight all the fantastic work that our dedicated Visitors do and will help us to recruit new Visitors in the areas where we have identified a need for additional support. 

These case studies have been displayed in a public area of Head Office where external visitors to Turn2us have been able to read about our amazing Visitors. This display (see photo below) will remain on site for a while longer to give all our staff and members of the public a chance to read volunteering stories. Over the coming weeks, they will also be uploaded to our volunteering pages on the Turn2us website.

Our thanks go to Robert Wright, Celia Hadfield, Henry Farrow, Aila Peacock, Rosemary Parker and  Cheryl Power for taking the time to tell us about their experience volunteering with us and to all those Visitors who have previously contributed a case study over the last twelve months, namely Dinah du Sautoy, Eddie Rafferty and Jean Quayle.

Display board of Volunteer case study

It is not too late to offer to provide us with details of your experience. If you are interested in telling us your story of volunteering, please contact Joe Mitchell.

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