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New, improved Grants Search goes live

Read about the high quality information and features we have included in our interactive, easy-to-use, online tool.

To help more people find charitable grants that may be able help them in their time of need, our new Grants Search went live on 28 March 2018.

The Grants Search contains details of funds that give grants to individuals who may:

  • Be in financial need and have welfare needs, or

  • Require help with costs associated with their education needs.

People use this interactive, online tool to find funds that match their circumstances – such as occupation, health, age, location and gender.


The new Grants Search features 1,500 charities and makes sure:

  • Information is accurate and of high quality

  • The search is intuitive and provides the best user experience

  • The results are appropriate

  • The ‘enquire online’ function is easier for charities to use.

High quality information

We have worked closely with charities listed on the Grants Search to check that all the details we hold are completely up to date and comprehensive.  

Charity profiles now also highlight support services provided – e.g. counselling or debt advice.

Search functionality

The search functionality has been improved to make it more intuitive and to provide users with better results. Users are now prompted to fill in details about their occupation and health before seeing any results, providing them with more appropriate results at an earlier stage in their search. 

Improved design

The new design includes several features to make the user’s journey easier, including:

  • Visual icons to help users identify what category a charitable fund falls into

  • Date stamps on every profile to show when it was last updated

  • Help text to explain why we are asking for specific information or to give search tips.

Appropriate results

Where funds have strict eligibility for applying, a pop-up box will now appear asking the user to confirm they meet the conditions before allowing them to access the contact details or online enquiry form.

‘Enquire online’ function and charity users

We have also made several changes to the way online enquiries can be managed by charitable funds, based on feedback we have received.

Charity users that administer more than one fund can now access them all using the same login details.

They can also indicate whether they are replying to the enquiry through Turn2us or directly.

More options in terms of grant outcomes have been added to help charities when they are making a status update in their account.

Tell us what you think

You can use the new Grants Search at:

We’d like to thank all the intermediaries and charity users who gave us their comments and helped us shape the development of our new Grants Search.

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