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Benefits and Grants update - January 2016

Find out the latest news about benefits and grants.

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Benefits changes April 2016

There will be a lot of benefit changes from April this year. These include a single system of Bereavement Support Payments, changes to the State Pension, a freeze on working age benefits and a proposed reduction in the benefit cap amount.

For more information on this, see the Turn2us Benefits Changes Timetable 2016

Local welfare provision and emergency help

Confusion about where to turn for help means many people are struggling to get the welfare support they desperately need, says Citizens Advice - following the publication of two separate reports on local welfare by the National Audit Office and the Work and Pensions Select Committee.

Gillian Guy, Citizens Advice Chief Executive, said: “Changes to welfare provision mean many people don’t know where to turn when they are in urgent need of financial help.

“In some areas people face restrictions when applying for help and are sent from pillar to post, with no agency taking responsibility. The impact of this can mean people struggle to pay essential bills or are forced into debt.

“The national rollout of Universal Credit provides an important opportunity to improve access to welfare, but it is vital that people are given effective support to help them through the changes. Councils must also ensure that they are clear about what support they can offer residents and how people can access the local help they need.”

For more information on local welfare support and other emergency support, such as foodbanks, please see the Turn2us Emergency Help page.

Source: Citizens Advice press release: People face difficulties getting emergency help since welfare changes

See also: Turn2us News article: Cuts to emergency funding leaves individuals without assistance


Grants Spotlight: Fashion & Textiles Children's Trust

The Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust (FTCT) helps families who work or have previously worked in the UK fashion and textile industry.

Find out more about the Fashion & Textile Children's Trust

SGBI - charity for women working/who have worked in independent school

SGBI has been providing assistance to women educators since 1843. The charity exists to support women who have worked in the field of independent education who are in hardship and need financial support.

Although SGBI was originally set up to help “schoolmistresses and governesses”, they now accept applications from women who are, or have been, teachers, classroom or learning assistants or have worked in any role in an independent school - including Academies, Free Schools and Special Schools. They also accept applications from women who work in nurseries and early years services.

The grants given depend on the successful applicant's circumstances and need. They may be given to help with general welfare needs, debt relief, domestic appliance purchases etc.

You can apply directly:

 Bank Workers Charity impact report

The Bank Workers Charity has increased its interventions by 94% over the past year to 56, 024, compared to 28,822 in 2014, according to its impact report which has just been published.

The charity helps anyone connected to the bank sector in the UK (more than 1.9 million people).

Read the Bank Workers Charity's interactive Impact Report 2015

Read the Bank Workers Charity profile on the Turn2us Grants Search

Date of publication: January 2016