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Grants update April 2016

Find out which charities the Turn2us Grants Spotlight is on this month and read other news about charitable grants and funds


Grants Spotlight

This month's Grants Spotlight is on two charities, The Foundations Independent Living Trust and Hospitality Action.

The Foundations Independent Living Trust

The Foundations Independent Living Trust  (FILT), the charitable arm of Foundations – the national body for home improvement agencies in England,  helps help older and vulnerable people live with dignity in their own homes. They do this by operating funds which enable local home improvement agencies (HIAs) to provide a range of support including repairs and improvements to people’s homes.

Find out more about Foundations Independent Living Trust (FILT)

Hospitality Action

Hospitality Action is the trade charity offering a crucial lifeline to people of all ages, working and retired, from the hospitality industry. Whether they are approached by a chef, housekeeper, school cook or waiter, Hospitality Action will endeavour to support, whatever the difficulty.

Find out more about Hospitality Action

Family Fund Grants 2016/17

A recent Family Fund e-newsletter said that funding for the charity's grants for families raising disabled and seriously ill children and young people in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales for 2016/17 has been confirmed.

Information for those working with families in Wales

The way Family Fund works in Wales is changing. Following changes to the charity's funding, from 1 April it will have to prioritise families who have not previously received a Family Fund grant. This means that, with the exception of urgent grants for hospital visiting costs, families will not be able to re-apply for funding as they might have previously expected.
You can read more about the new funding arrangements and what they mean for families on the Family Fund website

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