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Roger's Story

After using the Turn2us Grants Search database, Roger was delighted to be awarded a grant to cover the costs of a riser recliner chair to help with his arthritis.

Elderly Man on a sofa
Roger, who is married and a grandparent of seven children, had been working full-time until five years ago when the arthritis in his knees and back became so severe that he was unable to continue in employment and was registered as disabled.

Although his wife continued to work for some time, she gave up her job to care for him a year ago. However, having already sought out, and claimed for, all the benefits they were entitled to, they were only just able to make ends meet.

When an occupational therapist recommended that Roger purchased a riser recliner chair, he was upset that he could not afford such a large expense.

Roger and the Turn2us Grants Search database

After having no success with one grant provider, Roger started searching for charities on the internet that might be able to help. He came across the Turn2Us website and decided to use the Grants Search to see if he could get funding.

Roger was delighted when he was awarded a grant to cover the costs of his riser recliner chair. He can now get up and down without as much pain.

Roger discovered that he could apply to a charity which specialised in helping those who had worked in the civil service, as this had been one of his previous jobs.

After phoning the charity, Roger received an application form in the post which asked for details of his finances and what he wanted help with. Having thoroughly researched the type of chair he needed and obtaining several quotes, Roger was delighted when he was awarded a grant to cover the costs of his preferred chair.

Although Roger was only expecting help with buying a chair, his circumstances meant that he received an additional “pleasant surprise” of £200 to assist with household bills, as well £800 to pay for the chair.

The difference Turn2us has made to Roger's life

Roger is really grateful because, as he says, “there’s no way I would have been able to afford it on my own. It would have taken ages to save for. And of course, it’s difficult to save when there isn’t really anything spare”. In fact, he says the chair has “made my day-to-day life a lot better, because I can now get up and down without as much pain… it’s made a hell of a difference”.

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