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Angie's Story

By using the Turn2us Benefit Calculator, Angie realised her family could claim Working Tax Credit, Council Tax Support and Housing Benefit.

After working as a Personal Assistant since she was 17, Angie gave up work last year to focus on raising her two children (aged two and five) without relying on childcare. She had also decided to start a college course in ‘Children and Young People’s Work Development’ because, as she says, “I wanted to better myself”.

Angie's difficulties with debt and paying the bills

Even though her partner was working full time - and the couple had already come to an agreement through the Citizen’s Advice Bureau to pay their credit card arrears in minimum instalments - they still struggled to pay their household bills and other debts. With the price of food and household amenities rising, they found themselves in increasing levels of debt. With no local family to help them out, Angie wanted to know if she was entitled to any further benefits to help her pay bills and raise her family.

Angie would recommend Turn2us to other people and says: “check to see what you can get”.

Angie and Turn2us

Angie already knew about Turn2us and had been checking eligibility through her changing circumstances over the past few years; “when I changed my hours, when my husband… his wages or whatever… I always check to see if I’m entitled to anything else”.

Checking the site again, based on her new non-working status, Angie realised her family could now claim for Working Tax Credit, Council Tax Support and Housing Benefit.

In total, these three benefits contribute around £165 to the monthly household income – around £40 a month for help with Council Tax, around £30 a month for Housing Benefit and £95 a month for Working Tax Credit. 

Angie's view

Although Angie is “still struggling” to pay bills, the benefits mean she is now able to pay off £10 of her debt a week. The benefits have also enabled her to take a break from working to focus on studying for her new qualification which means she is excited about her future career. She says: “I really can’t wait to get off the benefits and I know once the kids are five, I’m more likely to come off of it when I’m working… but I’m really excited about my working career future”

Angie would recommend Turn2us to other people and says: “Check to see what you can get”. 

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