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Jacqui raised over £2300 when she ran the London Marathon as part of Team Turn2us in 2017.

Jacqui had been running for over 10 years and having only previously run half marathons, she decided it was time to push herself even further.

I saw on Twitter that Turn2us were looking for marathon runners and as I had been unsuccessful in the ballot, I thought that you would be an absolutely fabulous charity to run for"

Jacqui trained intensively for months and when the day finally arrived, her friends and family travelled to London to show their support. Jacqui completed the marathon in 5 hours and 1 minute.

Of the experience, Jacqui said

When I passed the Turn2us cheer squad around mile 20, it was just when I needed it. My husband was there too and it was a nice little boost to see me through the last six miles."

When reflecting on her on her achievement, Jacqui was elated with her performance having managed to achieve her goal of not having to stop to walk at all. Not only that, she was able to raise money for what she considers to be a fantastic cause,

It was great to wear your charity vest, I was chuffed with what I raised. The shear spectacle of the whole day was a bit mind blowing".

After winning a competition for free entry in the 2019 London Marathon, Jacqui once again took on the biggest marathon in the world in support of Turn2us.

We are so grateful to Jacqui and all our dedicated Team Turn2us supporters who take on amazing challenges to raise money to help people across the UK who are struggling to get by.

If you’d like to join Team Turn2us and take on a challenge of your own, you can find one here.

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