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Susan's story

  • 15/11/2018

This article is over a year old

“I could have actually cried when I heard I would get the grant"

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Susan from Newcastle had a career as a nurse for almost two decades before she had to leave work due to mental health issues. These were brought on by the loss of her husband and the chronic illness her son faced.

She said: “My son was diagnosed and, just before that, my husband died. There was just a lot going on. I had to give up my job. I managed to go back part time for almost a year then I had a relapse. At the moment, I just can’t see myself getting better. It’s just one thing after another”

Living on just £73 pounds a week meant that Susan was struggling to keep up with her bills and had no ability to save. That’s why, when her boiler broke just one week before Christmas, she was left distraught, with no idea what to do and no money to replace it.

Susan struggled to find help in her local area and was unsure what her options were. With winter getting ever colder, it was becoming very difficult to live without heating and warm water.

Susan said: “A repairman said that it was unfixable and that I would need a new one. I couldn’t possibly afford one. I rang around a lot of places and I Googled everything but there was nowhere I could get one.”

When searching online for her options, Susan came across Turn2us and the Elizabeth Finn Fund which provides direct grants for people who have a professional background and their dependants

She said: “I did discover that because I had a nursing background I could apply for that [ the Elizabeth Finn Fund].”

Susan applied for an Elizabeth Finn Fund grant and was awarded £1,500 to replace her boiler. The difference that the money made was immeasurable. Not only did it help her and her son stay warm in the winter, it had a massive impact on her mental well-being.

Susan said: “I could have actually cried when I heard I would get the grant. We had a really bad winter and I didn’t have heat, just a plug-in heater. That’s what I was using. To go without a boiler was so hard but this money got me a new one.”

Susan urged other people in her situation to use Turn2us to find all the help and support that is available to them.

“I didn’t apply because I didn’t know about it. I used the Grants Search and found that there was a lot out there in my local area.”

Turn2us Elizabeth Finn Fund can help many others just like Susan this winter who are struggling to heat their homes.

You can continue to help more families like Susan’s by donating to us now.

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