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"It was really nice to see her face light up"

  • 17/04/2018

A grant from the Turn2us Response Fund meant Camilla’s baby could come home to be with the family.

Mother and daughter playing

This month marks one year since the launch of the Turn2us Response Fund, which provides one-off grants to people who have been through a difficult time in the last 12 months. Find out how Camilla and her family were helped by the fund.

Camilla's story

When mum-of-three Camilla’s son was born with a severe disability, her family’s life changed overnight. For the next year Camilla had to be there by his side at the hospital – which meant leaving her job.

Unsurprisingly, Camilla remembers this as “a very stressful time”. To make matters worse, the family faced a dilemma. Camilla’s son couldn’t come home until their new house was adapted to his special needs. But with less money coming through the door, this seemed impossible to make happen.

“We didn’t know how long housing was going to take,” she says. “Then, eventually, when the new house came through, there was the issue of how we were going to set it up because of money. A lot of the things we needed for the new house, we couldn’t afford to get.”

Trying to make ends meet

To add to the financial strain, Camilla’s husband had to cut his hours to look after the family’s two older children.

“Because of the loss in income, we were really stretched,” she says. “It felt like there was so much going on, so many changes. It was a lot of stress.”

Camilla desperately needed extra support, but wasn’t sure where to get it. Her extended family tried to help where they could but they had children and full-time jobs of their own.

Getting the right support

It was Camilla’s Welfare Adviser that recommended she got in contact with Turn2us. She applied to the Turn2us Response Fund on Camilla's behalf and a grant was awarded just a few weeks later.

The money helped make the new house a home. Some of the money went to buy new curtains to keep the family warm. Camilla could also buy a bed for her daughter, who had her own room for the first time.

“She absolutely loved it,” says Camilla. “Seeing her face light up and knowing that it’s been such a tough year with so much happening. It was really nice to know that we were able to get things to make it more of a home for the children.”

Bringing the family together

Now, with all the family together in one house, life feels a lot less stressful for Camilla.

“Things are very good now, to be honest,” says Camilla. “We do still struggle, because all the breathing equipment we have to carry means we can’t physically fit in our family car.”

“But when the kids’ birthdays come round we don’t have to be thinking, ‘What are we going to do?”

Camilla adds that, without the grant, the family would have fallen into debt in order to furnish the house and they would have struggled to pay it back.

“None of it could have happened without the help and support we’ve had from Turn2us,” she says. “We were very, very happy to have received that help. We appreciate it so much.”

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