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The Premier League poverty rankings

  • 09/08/2019

This article is over a year old

How bad is child poverty in each Premier League parliamentary constituency?


Arguably the world’s greatest competition, the Premier League, kicks off the 2019/20 season tonight.

While fans across the world will be tuning in, we can’t ignore the growing poverty inside and outside the gates of Premier League stadiums.

Only four Premier League clubs – Everton, Liverpool, Chelsea and West Ham – pay a real Living Wage of £9 an hour (£10.55 in London).

While the clubs themselves will be expecting to earn over £4 billion in the coming 12 months, low paid staff struggle with the rising cost of living.

A cleaner who works at Manchester United's Old Trafford said: "I currently get paid £7.80 per hour. At the moment I struggle to put food on the table for my family and I often have to have cut-price meals.

"Considering the amount of money in football, it would be great to see the club paying all their staff a fair and decent wage."

How many children live in poverty around each Premier League football stadium?

  Club Constituency Children in poverty Percentage of children
1 West Ham West Ham 20,323 50.5%
2 Tottenham Tottenham 18,394 48.6%
3 Man City Manchester Central 19,815 48.5%
4 Newcastle Newcastle upon Tyne Central 14,547 48%
5 Arsenal Islington North 11,143 43.3%
6 Everton Liverpool, Riverside 12,048 41.9%
7 Leicester Leicester South 17,056 41.7%
8 Burnley Burnley 8,974 40.4%
9 Liverpool Liverpool, Walton 10,511 39.1%
10 Chelsea Chelsea & Fulham 8,640 38.9%
11 Norwich Norwich South 9,624 37.8%
12 Sheffield United Sheffield Central 10,071 36.6%
13 Southampton Southampton, Test 9,437 35.7%
14 Crystal Palace Croydon North 14,526 35.5%
15 Wolves Wolverhampton South West 6,509 34.4%
16 Brighton Brighton, Kemptown 6,796 32.8%
17 Man United Stretford and Urmston 8,106 30.8%
18 Aston Villa Birmingham, Ladywood 8,761 30.1%
19 Bournemouth Bournemouth East 6,143 26.8%
20 Watford Watford 8,583 25.3%

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