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Share your story

Have you found the help you need by using Turn2us? If so, would you be willing to share your experiences with us?

We are looking for individuals who found the help they needed by using the services on our website, such as the Benefits Calculator or Grants Search, who might be willing to share their stories on our website and in forthcoming media and fundraising activities.

We would also like to hear from any advisers working with people in financial need in the UK to feature in case studies featuring the work they do and the people they have helped to access financial support via Turn2us.

Compelling real-life stories of people who have been helped by our services are a vital ingredient in many of our activities.

They help us to:

  • Create a better understanding of our aims, objectives and the services we offer by showing the 'human face' of our work
  • Include the 'voices' of people we help in everything we do
  • Encourage potential users, who often find it hard to ask for help, to try our services by showing them how our services have helped other people in similar situations
  • Demonstrate the need and value of our services, particularly to people and organisations with an interest in our work
  • Raise our profile to the UK public through articles in newspapers, magazines, radio and television. This is particularly important in the current economic climate where increasing numbers of people need financial help.

Read examples of real life stories we have published on our website

If you have found help using Turn2us services and would be interested in contributing your story, contact If you can help us, please contact Una Farrell at email:

If you require help for yourself or someone else, please see the following pages on our website:

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