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How do I search for help using the Turn2us Grants Search? - Sample Grant Searches: Daisy

This section explains how to use the Turn2us Grants Search to find charitable funds that may be able to help you, based on your personal circumstances, background and needs.

Sample Grant Searches: Daisy

Daisy, aged 37, is a single mother of two children, Tom (8) and Chloe (10). Daisy has recently found out that her breast cancer has come back and has taken long-term sick leave from her job as a sixth form chemistry teacher in a state school. She is currently receiving statutory sick pay. Her washing machine is broken and she is behind on her mortgage payments.

Use the Grants Search to see which grant funds Daisy may be eligible to apply for.

First search

Put Daisy's details into the first page of the Grants Search and click 'Next'. (See Screengrab below.)

Results page*

The results page shows 20 results

Results for a Sample Turn2us Grants Search



Please note: This is a sample search that is correct for the day it was done (26 July 2018). If you do this search to find out how the Turn2us Grants Search works, you may find the results are slightly different.  This is because charities may have been added, deleted or retagged since this demonstration search was done.

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