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How do I search for help using the Turn2us Grants Search? - Turn2us Grants Search: Frequently Asked Questions

This section explains how to use the Turn2us Grants Search to find charitable funds that may be able to help you, based on your personal circumstances, background and needs.

Turn2us Grants Search: Frequently Asked Questions

I am searching to get help for my dependent child or relative. Whose details do I put into the Grants Search?

To begin with, input the details of the person you are looking for:

  • If you are looking for help for your dependent child, put in their postcode, age and gender
  • If you are searching for support for a relative put in their age, gender and postcode.

Then do a filtered search and/or keyword search based on their circumstances, background and need.

When you have done this and found results relevant to them, it is worth also doing a search based on:

  • The parents'/guardians' details
  • The person needing help's partner/spouse/ex-partner/ex-spouse, if they have or had one.

This is because help may be available through charities relevant to their circumstances, background and need, because of their relationship to the person needing help.

None of the filters on the Grants Search seem relevant to me. What do I do?

If you can't find the occupation, health or other term to fit your situation, circumstances and background in the filters:

  • See if there is a term in the filters that is a broader category - e.g. if you are an 'auditor', use 'accountant'; if you have 'leukaemia', use 'cancer'; if you are a 'car mechanic', use 'motoring industry'
  • Use the keyword search
  • Many funds also help the dependents of people their fund supports - e.g. their partners, ex-partners or children. So do a search on the details for your partner/spouse/ex-partner/ex-spouse, if you have or had one.
  • Make sure that you have searched on all aspects of your circumstances that may be relevant - e.g. occupation (remember to think about the industries you have worked in as well as the jobs you have had), health conditions, nationality etc - and that you have looked at organisations that accept applications from anyone in financial need (i.e. open to all).

Unfortunately in some cases you may not qualify for help from any organisation listed on our database.

Check that you are getting all the welfare benefits you are entitled to by using the Turn2us Benefits Calculator.

You could also seek advice from an advisory service such as Citizens Advice. Our Find an Adviser tool can help you find local services.

Why doesn't the Grants Search recognise my postcode when I enter it into the first page?

Make sure you haven't got a space or a punctuation mark after the last character of the postcode.

If you have copied and pasted the postcode from somewhere else, try typing it in.

If the Grants Search still doesn't recognise the postcode, contact Turn2us for further help.

You could also try putting in a postcode close to yours.

Why can't I find a particular charity on the Grants Search that I know gives grants to individuals?

The charity may be 'intermediary only', which means it can only be accessed by intermediaries who are logged into their Turn2us intermediary accounts. Usually they are tagged like this if the charity only wants the enquiries to come from an intermediary working with the person in need.

If you found it previously on the Turn2us Grants Search, it may not be showing because the charity has asked Turn2us to remove its listing from the Turn2us website. This may be because it has closed, merged with another charity, is only a small charity and doesn't want the publicity from the Grants Search or for some other reason.

Please note: Some charities that only accept enquiries via an intermediary do appear on the public version of the Grants Search because they want people who might benefit from their services to know about them. However, the enquiry still has to come from an intermediary so it is important to read the 'How to apply' section carefully.

If you think that it would be helpful for us to have a profile for a charitable fund you know of, please email us at: and we will contact the charity to see if they are interested in having a Turn2us charity account.

If you are from a charitable fund interested in being listed on the Grants Search, please see our Charity registration page

How do I apply for a grant?

Before you can apply for grant, you need to use our Grants Search to look for charitable funds that match your personal circumstances, background and needs.

To access the Grants Search and for information on how to use the Grants Search, see our Find Benefits and Grants section and look at the information on the accordion on the right hand side.

Once you have found charitable funds that you think you might be eligible for, you need to make an enquiry. See our How do I make an enquiry and application section for more information.

Last updated: August 2018