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Turn2us Charities/Providers User Guide - Replying to enquiries

Replying to enquiries

Replying to enquiries through Turn2us

When you have read through the enquiry and are ready to respond, click ‘Reply to enquiry’ at the bottom of the form.

Screengrab of the section of the Enquiry form where you click 'Reply to Enquiry'

This opens up an email form for reply.

Screengrab of reply to enquiry form

There are three types of response you can make:

  • Rejected (if the person does not meet your eligibility criteria)

  • More information required (if you need more details from the person before deciding whether they might be eligible for your help or you have sent an application form to see if they meet your eligibility criteria)

  • Accepted (if the person seems to meet your initial eligibility criteria and you will invite them to apply formally)

Click the relevant response you wish to make. Add any clarifying information about your response that you wish to make in the free text box below these options. Then press ‘Send’.

Further enquiries

Repeat the above process until all outstanding enquiries have been dealt with.

Replying to enquiries from someone who does not have an email address

Sometimes you will get an enquiry from someone who does not have an email address. The 'contact email' fields on the form will be blank. (See screengrab below). In many cases, this will be because one of the Turn2us helpline advisers has filled in the enquiry form on the person's behalf.

Screengrab of emplty contact email fields on the Turn2us Grants Search enquiry form

If the enquirer does not have an email address, there won't be a 'Reply to enquiry' button at the bottom. Instead you will see a message that advises you that they do not have email (See Screengrab below). There will however be a phone number and a postal address to contact the person.

Screengrab of the message charities get when an enquiry doesn't have an email address

Replying to enquiries but not through Turn2us

If you would prefer to reply to enquirers by contacting them directly, that's fine. 

However, please can you close the enquiry in your Turn2us Inbox by clicking the 'Responded offline' tick box next to the enquiry on the Enquiries landing page. (See screengrab below.)

When you tick this option, a drop-down box will appear which gives you three options - Accepted, More information needed or Rejected. Please choose the option that fits or 'More information needed' if you have sent an application pack or are in the process of finding out if the person will receive your help. (See screengrab below.)

You need to close the query off because Turn2us follows up enquiries that have not been responded to after a month. Closing off the enquiry in this way will prevent them coming up as 'pending' when you have replied to them.

Screenshot of the Responded online button Screengrab of the responded offline button options

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