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Turn2us Intermediaries User Guide - Intermediary accounts: Clients

Intermediary accounts: Clients

When you are logged into your Turn2us Intermediaries account, you can add clients to your account and save details of any benefits calculations and grants searches you do on their behalf.

To access the 'Clients' page, hover your mouse over the 'My Turn2us' option on the main navigation bar and click 'Clients' from the Intermediaries navigation bar.

This takes you to the Clients page. (See Screengrab below.)

Screengrab showing the Clients link for the Turn2us intermediary accounts

Adding a new client

If you want to add a new client to your account, click 'Add new client' on the Clients page. Fill in the details and click 'Add Client' at the bottom of the screen. This will take you back to the main Clients page and there will be a message on the screen to say that your client has been added successfully.

Screengrab of Intermediaries Add Client page

Screengrab of Clients page with message

View clients

You can view your clients by clicking on the 'View client details' link for the client you want to view. Or if you have a lot of clients or are a verified Turn2us user and want to find a client that another member of your organisation added, you can do a search using the search box.

Screengrab of Clients page

If you click 'View client details', a page containing information about the client will appear. The client's name will not be displayed. You can check it by clicking 'Show client name'.

On this page there are various options you can choose:

  • Client notes

  • Enquiries sent

  • Benefit calculations

  • Edit Client

  • Delete Client

Click on the relevant box or link to access the option you want.

Screengrab of a Client information page

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