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Turn2us Intermediaries User Guide - Intermediary accounts: Elizabeth Finn Fund and Edinburgh Trust

Intermediary accounts: Elizabeth Finn Fund and Edinburgh Trust

Turn2us has two grant-giving funds to help people on low incomes who meet certain qualifying rules - the Elizabeth Finn Fund (EFF) and the Edinburgh Trust. 

If you are an intermediary logged into your intermediary account and you have a client who fits the eligibility criteria for help, you can fill in and submit a full application form online on the Turn2us website.

This page gives a summary of who the two funds help and the next page explains how to make a full online grant application using your Turn2us intermediary account.

The Elizabeth Finn Fund (EFF)

For people on low incomes who are in financial difficulty and:

  • Have a professional background: That means they hold or have formerly held an occupation requiring a certain level of responsibility and education or whose partner has done so. See the full list of occupations that Elizabeth Finn Fund (EFF) supports (PDF file size 240kb) for more information
  • Who have British or Irish nationality or the right to reside in the UK
  • Be resident in the UK or Ireland
  • Have less than £4,000 in savings
  • Be on a low income or in receipt of welfare benefits.

For more information, see our Elizabeth Finn Fund (EFF) information page.

The Edinburgh Trust

For people on low incomes who are struggling financially and:

  • Live within the boundaries of the City of Edinburgh Council local authority area

  • Have limited accessible household savings

  • Are on a low household income.

For further information, see our Edinburgh Trust information page.

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