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Turn2us Intermediaries User Guide - Key features of Turn2us Intermediary Accounts

Key features of Turn2us Intermediary Accounts




There are certain features for intermediaries on the Turn2us website that are only available if you have a ‘My Turn2us’ intermediaries account. These include an intermediaries Benefits Calculator and access to information about intermediary only charitable funds on our Grants Search tool.

All personal details are held in the strictest confidence and in line with our Turn2us Website Privacy Policy.

Turn2us Benefits Calculators

Financial assistance may be available to your clients from benefits depending on their particular circumstances.

Turn2us has two Benefits Calculators:

  • Public

  • Intermediaries.

Key features of the Turn2us Public Benefits Calculator

  • A maximum of seven steps to find out your benefit entitlement

  • You will only be asked questions relevant to your particular circumstances

  • Help text available for every question

  • Interim results are shown during the calculation so you can see potential eligibility at every step

  • Calculates entitlement to all means-tested benefits in the UK

  • Calculates expected Universal Credit entitlement for comparison with current benefit entitlement

  • Indicates possible entitlement to non-means tested benefits and other help

  • Show a detailed results page, with the benefits identified, estimates for weekly and annual entitlement, guidance on how to claim and a summary of the information entered

  • Save a calculation at any point so you can return to it to complete or amend it at a later date

  • View full results and a summary of the information entered as a PDF for printing or downloading

  • Links to our Grants Search tool to help people go on to find other sources of financial help and support

  • Displays on mobile devices, making it easier to carry out benefit checks when you don't have computer access.

Key features of the Turn2us Intermediaries Benefits Calculator

You can access an Intermediaries Benefits Calculator when you are logged into your Turn2us intermediary account. In addition to the key features and functions of the Turn2us Public Benefits Calculator provided above, this gives you additional features:

  • Access a simple breakdown of how each benefit entitlement in the results page was calculated

  • Save up to three versions of a calculation against each client so you can carry out 'better-off' or 'change of circumstance' calculations and compare the results

  • Duplicate and edit calculations so you don't need to re-enter the same data several times

  • Filter the results dashboard to view total benefit entitlement found for all clients over a set period of time

  • View advanced reporting features and the ability to export reports for analysis.

To access the Intermediaries Benefits Calculator, log into your Turn2us intermediaries account and then select the Benefits Calculator from the Get Support page. The video below is a "How to" guide to using this tool:

Turn2us Grants Search

Financial assistance and other forms of support are often available from grant-giving charities, depending on an individual's particular background and circumstances. Our Grants Search contains information on over 1,500 charitable funds offering welfare and educational grants, as well as other support services.

To access the Intermediaries Grant Search, log into your Turn2us intermediaries account and then select the Grants Search from the Get Support page.

Online grant enquiries

Your ‘My Turn2us’ account enables you to make online enquiries (the first stage of applying for charitable grants) using our online grant enquiry form and send it off to charities that may be able to help the people you are working with. You can also track the progress of enquiries and look at any messages you have sent and received.

You will not have to repeat the same information over and over again when looking for help for the people you work with.

The Turn2us site remembers any details that you have already entered on the online forms. Having an account also allows you to fill in the forms a bit at a time rather than all at once. If you need to submit an application to another grant-giving charity at a later date, all the data will be saved and carried over to the new form.

Intermediary only charitable funds

Some charitable funds on the Turn2us Grants Search database can only be accessed via an application from an intermediary. These funds do not appear on the public part of the Grants Search. However, intermediaries who have registered for an intermediary account with Turn2us are able to see this information when they do a grants search while logged into their 'My Turn2us' account.

The Elizabeth Finn Fund (EFF) and the Edinburgh Trust

Turn2us has two grant-giving funds to help people on low incomes who meet certain qualifying rules: the Elizabeth Finn Fund (EFF) and the Edinburgh Trust.

If you are an intermediary logged into your intermediary account and you have a client who fits the eligibility criteria for help, you can fill in and submit a full application form online on the Turn2us website.

See the Elizabeth Finn Fund and Edinburgh Trust page for more information.

Confidentiality and data protection

All personal details are held in the strictest confidence and in line with our Turn2us Website Privacy Policy.

Benefits calculations

Benefits calculations are available to registered intermediaries and are saved against clients within the database.

Verified intermediaries can also access calculations carried out by other members within their organisation.

To become verified, you must be approved by another member of your organisation.

Benefits calculations are saved for six months on the server as specified in the data retention guidance in our Turn2us Website Privacy Policy.

Personal information

Our website uses an SSL certificate which makes sure that there is an encrypted connection between the web browser and the server. This means that any personal information that's entered on the website is encrypted when being transferred to the web server.

We have carried out penetration testing where we get a third party company to attempt to hack the website. They report back if there are any vulnerabilities in the site (which there are none).


Passwords are all encrypted within our database which means that even if someone were to access the database, they would not be able to read someone's password.

Protection against cyber attacks/hackers

We have a firewall on our web server which is designed to inspect incoming traffic, weed out any malicious attacks and provides a first line of defence between a potential hacker and the data that we are hosting.

See the Turn2us Website Privacy Policy


It is free to register for a Turn2us Intermediary Account and there is no charge to organisations to use the intermediary version of the Grants Search.

However, we make a small charge for commercial organisations, local authorities, housing associations and large charities (annual turnover more than £1 million) to use the intermediary Benefits Calculator. This is to contribute towards Turn2us' ongoing technical and administration cost.

Please read our charging policy for more details.

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