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ABTA LifeLine

ABTA LifeLine is ABTA’s charitable trust, here to support people in travel when they need it the most.

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Life is full of surprises and sometimes it only takes a small change in circumstance to tip the balance and turn a manageable situation into an unmanageable one.

ABTA LifeLine awards grants to help travel industry colleagues suffering financial hardship caused by life changing medical conditions, bereavement, disability and domestic violence among other things.

From mobility equipment and emergency home repairs to assistance with daily living costs and respite breaks for carers, the charity’s lifeline stretches far and wide.

Who can apply for help?

Anyone who currently works for, or has previously worked for an ABTA member, ABTA itself or another organisation within the travel industry who is engaged in the sale of ABTA products is eligible to apply for help.

Help is not limited to the individual. Spouses/partners, widows/widowers and children of employees are also eligible, and other main dependents will be considered too.

What help does ABTA LifeLine provide?

There are three main ways the charity can help;

  • General financial support: Help with essential daily living costs, replacement of key  household items, children’s needs e.g. help with school uniforms, funeral costs and other unexpected costs
  • Disability funding: Mobility equipment and in certain circumstances disability adaptations
  • Property repairs: From leaking roofs, to broken boilers.

Further details on the help provided can be found on the website in the Need our help? section on the ABTA website.

Examples of people who have been helped by ABTA LifeLine


Sarah* applied to ABTA LifeLine for help after escaping an abusive relationship and having to set up home again. She and her two year old son left with nothing and were staying at a women’s refuge shelter. When she moved into her new flat, ABTA LifeLine purchased Sarah some essential items for her and her son, including specific equipment to help ease his severe eczema and allergies.


Tony* wrote to ABTA LifeLine when he had nowhere else to turn. He had returned to the UK after working as an overseas rep for an ABTA member and came back to no house and no job. Tony was in desperate need for new clothing which he could wear to job interviews. ABTA LifeLine sent Tony a voucher for £150 in order for him to purchase new clothes and any other essentials. 

Find out more about ABTA LifeLine

Find ABTA LifeLine on the Turn2us Grants Search and make an enquiry online to the charity.

Find out more about ABTA LifeLine

Email ABTA Lifeline at:

Date of publication: May 2015

*Name changed to protect applicant’s identity