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Buttle UK

Find out more about Buttle UK - a national charity that gives financial support to young people and families in desperate need.

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Copyright: Photograph supplied by Buttle UK and used with permission

Buttle UK helps around 23,000 children and young people every year by providing emergency items - such as children’s beds, washing machines and cookers - to those who would otherwise struggle without.

The charity can also pay towards school fees for independent or boarding school places for children whose home life is seriously affecting their development. Buttle UK can also assist young people who have no parental support to met an education or training goal.

By giving this help, Buttle UK’s goal is to give more children and young people living in poverty the power to share their own future.

What grants does Buttle UK give?

Grant amounts depend on the family or young person’s circumstances and needs.

Most Buttle UK grants are for up to around £300 but in certain circumstances grants of up to £2,000 are available. Grants cover:

  • Essential physical items (such as children’s beds, cookers and washing machines)
  • Services to meets a child’s developmental needs (such as counselling, play groups or after school clubs)
  • Other beneficial costs that may help a young person’s development (laptop for educational purposes, course equipment, transport costs).

Grants averaging £1,000 per term are available to pay towards school fees for families where the child’s current situation is affecting their development.

Examples of young people Buttle UK has helped


Tom is 15 and suffers from autism and severe eating disorders. His condition restricts his diet to only certain foods. Meal times were made more difficult by the fact that his family's cooker didn’t work well so it could take up to two hours for his parents to prepare just one meal.
Tom's father suffers from fibromyalgia and is in constant pain throughout the day. This condition and various other debilitating health problems, prevents him from working. Tom’s mother works full time but did not earn enough money that would have allowed them to save for a new cooker.
Their social worker applied for help from Buttle UK, who paid for a new cooker and arranged for it to be installed. This has allowed Tom's parents to cater for Tom’s needs more efficiently, meaning they now spend less time worrying about food and can enjoy more time together as a family.


Stacey, aged 19, had been living away from her family home for two years. She had to leave because her stepfather was sexually abusing her. Despite the problems she faced, Stacey remained ambitious and motivated. She was determined to move out of supportive housing and get her own place.
She finally got a place through the Housing Register and had her sights set on training as a hairdresser and finally gaining independence. Her flat was unfurnished and she didn’t have the financial means to travel to her training course or afford the appropriate hairdressing equipment. Her social worker asked Buttle UK for support.
Buttle UK awarded Stacey a grant to get her home set up with a cooker, bed and assorted goods (£450). The charity also awarded her £400 for hairdressing equipment that would last her a long time; £200 to pay for clothes to go to work in; and £700 to pay for two years of travel costs.
Stacey is now well on her way to reaching her goal of finishing her training and getting employment. She can now regain her independence and learn to move on from her past trauma.

Find out more about Buttle UK

See the Buttle UK website for more information about the charity's work.

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