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Supporting Christian teachers in England and Wales, who are in need, since 1857

Teacher with his class

The CSSBI aims to meet specific short-term needs caused by unforeseen significant misfortune, in order to help people re-establish themselves and regain financial stability.

Who does the CSSBI help?

The CSSBI provides financial support for teachers, both current and former, lecturers and teachers in training. This may include their immediate family. They must be members of a recognised Christian denomination and live in England or Wales.

What help does the CSSBI give?

CSSBI grants are usually ‘one off’ and given according to individual needs. These have included:

  • Help towards costs to make life more bearable for individuals in times of real misfortune

  • Repairs or modifications to home

  • Financial support for costs associated with ill health

  • Emergency relief for individuals in difficult circumstances

  • Financial assistance with the cost of books, travel or special clothing while retraining.

Examples of people the CSSBI has helped

  • A retired teacher was helped to get her chimneys made safe and to have two leaking windows replaced with a grant towards the work of £1,500

  • After suffering deterioration in health, an elderly retired teacher was helped to finance his private room in a care home close to his family and friends for a short time until his funded room became available

  • A teacher, forced to take early retirement due to ill-health, needed help with costs in order to move to a more suitable home

  • £500 was awarded to a retired, disabled teacher who needed urgent repairs to a stair lift and re-plastering of the surrounding area

  • A retired teacher was no longer able to paint and weatherproof the walls of his home which was leading to damp and deterioration of inside decorations. A grant of £1,500 to cover the full cost of repairs was awarded

  • A young teacher returning to work as a supply teacher after a serious illness needed help to tax, insure and MOT her car to travel to schools

  • An elderly retired teacher required a course of hydrotherapy which was not available from the National Health Service to help her mobility

  • A family holiday with a carer and support was paid for when one parent had suffered a serious illness

  • Rent was paid to help a teacher care for his wife following a short-term illness

  • A basic kitchen was provided for a teacher who had to leave her employment to take care of her two disabled children.

How to apply

The applicant completes and signs a form giving information about themselves and their finances, and must provide a reference for teaching and Church connections. They may have help to complete the form.

Application forms can be obtained from:

3 Kings Court
Harwood Road
West Sussex RH13 5UR

Telephone: 01403 250798

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