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The Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust (FTCT) helps families who work or have previously worked in the UK fashion and textile industry.

In the words of Jo, one of the parents FTCT recently helped: “The grants given by FTCT are so important for families on a low income. When all of your money is going on rent and food, it’s impossible to afford essential items.”

“The process of getting a grant from FTCT was surprisingly easy. Giving the charity the information they needed, and waiting for the decision went smoothly and very quickly.”

How does FTCT help?

Established in 1853, FTCT helps hundreds of families every year, with grants to support their children (aged 0-18 years).

Grants start at £250 and can provide one-off or part payment for a range of items, including:

  • School uniform

  • Clothing

  • Bedding

  • Shoes

  • Replacing or repairing white goods (washing machine, fridge/freezer, etc)

As well as specialist items, such as:

  • Mobility equipment

  • Therapies

  • Respite activities

and more...

FTCT is a small and friendly team which means you don’t have to explain your situation over and over again. If we can’t help you, the team will always signpost you to someone who can.

With no application deadlines and one simple form to fill in, getting help from FTCT is quick and simple. All you have to do is give us a call.

Who does FTCT help?

  • The parent or full time carer must currently work or have previously worked in the UK fashion and textile industry. FTCT’s industry criteria covers sectors including womenswear, menswear, footwear, interiors, soft furnishings, soft accessories, textiles and even supermarkets which sell clothing. FTCT also accepts applications from individuals who are long term unemployed, providing they have previously worked in the industry for one year or more. Read What Does FTCT mean by 'fashion and textiles' (PDF file size 399.84kb) for more information

  • The child must be aged between 0-18 years.

How an FTCT grant helped Lisa and her twin boys Carone and Cameo

Lisa with her children Cameo and Carone

Lisa works part-time in Topshop and contacted FTCT for help to buy new school uniforms and PE kits for her twin boys Cameo and Crone, aged 11 years.

Lisa told FTCT: “At the time I was feeling like a failure. I felt like I couldn’t provide for my children, but then I knew that as a mother I have to do what is best even if that means seeking help from a charity.

“But I found that by asking for help my perception of myself changed and now I feel good about myself. I am proud to know I did the best by my boys. I no longer feel embarrassed, I could tell my friends and family about what I had begun to do and I no longer had to keep my situation hidden.

“I’d say to any other parent who are going through a tough time is DO IT. FTCT is here to help you. They don’t judge and genuinely want to help. A grant from FTCT will give you peace of mind.”

How do I apply for help from FTCT?

To start applying, call FTCT’s friendly team in confidence today on 0300 123 9002 or fill out the FTCT's simple online enquiry form.

Further information can be found on the FTCT website or read the FTCT profile on the Turn2us Grants Search.

Please note: It is important that you have evidence of your trade connection before we can start work on your application (P45, P60, letter from employer/accountant, NI letter showing at least one year’s employment). Please ensure you have at least ONE of these documents to hand, and then we can get your enquiry underway!

Photos: Supplied by FTCT and used with permission.

Date of publication: 5 January 2016

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Fashion and Textile Children's Trust

How a grant helped Lisa and her twin boys Carone and Cameo