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Foundations Independent Living Trust (FILT)

Foundations Independent Living Trust (FILT) is the charitable arm of Foundations – the national body for home improvement agencies in England.

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FILT helps help older and vulnerable people live with dignity in their own homes. They do this by operating funds which enable local home improvement agencies (HIAs) to provide a range of support including repairs and improvements to people’s homes.

How FILT helps

During 2013-14 FILT:

  • Helped more than 6,750 people
  • Distributed over £790,000 in grants and funding
  • £1m+ value of work done for vulnerable people
  • Dealt with 319 individual grant applications
  • Worked with 87 local delivery partners covering 166 local authority areas
  • Developed new partnerships and new funding programmes

FILT identify, reach and provide solutions for vulnerable people, who are often on low incomes and facing the challenges of living in cold homes – worsening health, risk of injury and social isolation.

Work is delivered by a network of around 200 home improvement agencies across England. These are local, trusted providers who provide a range of measures to help older and vulnerable people stay independent at home, from minor/major adaptations to energy efficiency measures.

Find out more

To find out more about FILT funding, please visit the Foundations Independent Living Trust (FILT) website

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If you live in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland

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FILT Floods Fund for North West England

FILT has also launched the FILT Floods Fund and Appeal to support people affected by the flooding in North West England at the end of 2015. Up to £200,000 of FILT's £1 million plus programme for this year is being pledge for low income households in the worst hit parts of the North West.

The grants will help vulnerable householders with services to alleviate some of the immediate aftermath of floods and make their homes habitable again.  While many people will have insurance or other resources to fall back on, there are a considerable number who won't have the luxury of that protection and may be wholly or partially uninsured.

Find out more about the FILT Floods Fund on the FILT website

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Foundations Independent Living Trust (FILT)

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