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Angela Tanner, Bar Manager
Angela was forced to give up her job as a Bar Manager having been in the role for nearly ten years, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Angela was heartbroken as she very bravely underwent a mastectomy followed by multiple courses of chemo and radiotherapy.

The treatment left Angela feeling tired and weak and caused her to gain weight meaning her clothes no longer fitted. As she spent more time at home the heating bills rose. Mother to two daughters and relying on her husband’s wages the family began to struggle.

It was here that Hospitality Action stepped in. We were able to provide a grant for better fitting clothing and a contribution towards the increased heating bills. The money also went towards a much-needed family holiday.

Angela says: “Your help has been invaluable. I cannot put into words how much we benefited from some time away together, I didn't once think of cancer. I was in hospital for more surgery recently and we all enjoyed looking through the holiday photos together, that says it all.”

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