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A Gift in Your Will

Make a difference to someone in dire financial need by including a gift to Turn2us in your Will


We all want to leave something behind for our loved ones, so family and friends will of course be the first people you consider when planning your Will. If you would also like to leave a gift to Turn2us, it is vital your Will is carefully worded, or properly amended, to ensure your wishes are observed. This should be done in consultation with your legal advisor.

We can only carry on growing and providing help for so many if generous people continue to support us in this way

Logo and link to Remember A Charity WebsiteIf you would like know more about Will writing and leaving a legacy, you can find independent advice at the Remember A Charity website. You can also find a solicitor in your local area who will be able to advise you on leaving gifts to charities when making a Will.

If you already have a Will, it is easy to make additions or changes to it. Leaving a gift to a charity can be done with a Codicil form (PDF file size 403kb) signed in the presence of two witnesses - and it could mean that your family will have to pay less inheritance tax.

After you have provided for your loved ones, remembering Turn2us in your Will is very easy to do. Whatever the size of your gift, it will be a legacy of good and you will be helping us to be there when future generations need someone to turn to. You could be helping a mother caring for her disabled son; a widow struggling to make ends meet; or a family whose life has been turned upside down by redundancy.

Looking to the future

Turn2us is a charity with big plans. Last year, over 4,400 people benefited from our direct financial grants and support. The Turn2us helpline and website was developed in 2007-2008 and now, just a few years on, our online services receive over five million visits from people experiencing financial difficulty each year.

Legacies from our supporters are a vital form of funding. These developments have only been possible thanks to the amazing people who have left gifts to Turn2us in their Wills. We can only carry on growing and providing help for so many if generous people continue to support us in this way.
We understand that your Will is a personal matter and we will never ask you how much you are intending to give.

Useful documents to download

Sample Codicil Form and Guidelines (PDF file size 403kb
Legacy Pledge Form (PDF file size 304kb)

Your solicitor will be able to advise you about how best to reduce your liability for inheritance tax and on the appointment of executors.

Information you will need

To leave a gift to Turn2us you will need:

Charity number:
Registered in England and Wales: 207812*
Registered in Scotland: SC040987
*this is the number you need if you live anywhere apart from Scotland

Our address:
Hythe House
200 Shepherds Bush Road
London W6 7NL

Contact us

If you would like more information about leaving a gift to Turn2us in your Will, please email Micky Forster or phone her on 020 8834 9271.