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How to Apply - Emergency help and charitable funds

In this section, you can learn more about how charitable funds work and the support, including grants, that they give to people in financial need.

Emergency help and charitable funds

People often contact us because they need emergency financial help.

Some charitable funds give help in an emergency.

What is defined as an emergency will depend on the charitable fund's definition. However, this might include:

  • Homelessness because of fire, flood or family breakdown
  • Help with respite care costs for an older or disabled person because a carer has to go into hospital
  • Repair or replacement of a vital item of household goods, such as a washing machine, if the person who needed it was disabled or aged and would be at risk without it
  • Vital living costs that you cannot pay because of a sudden job loss or bereavement.

Most charities are unlikely to be able to give immediate (same day help). Where they do give emergency help, this will usually take at least a day or often several days to organise.

Help from the local council and other emergency help

If you are on a low income and in receipt of benefits, help might be available to you through your local council.

See our Emergency Information guide for more information on what is available.

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