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Turn2us Grants Guides

If you need help to use our Grants Search or want to know more about charitable funds and grants, read our guides.

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Using the Grants Search

Who can use the Grants Search?

The Turn2us Grants Search contains information on charitable funds that may help:

  • UK citizens living in the UK
  • Citizens of other countries living in the UK
  • UK citizens living abroad
  • Irish citizens living in Ireland or sometimes abroad
  • Citizens of other countries living in Ireland
  • Students who are UK citizens or normally resident in the UK
  • Students from other countries wanting to study in the UK.


Does the Grants Search cover the Isle of Man and Channel Islands?

The Isle of Man and the Channel Islands are not part of the UK and have their own governments, benefits system and charity registration schemes.

Although our Grants Search does not list charities that specifically help people in the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands, many national charities, such as occupational and health-related funds, may help people who live in these territories. Contact any funds you find that seem to match your background, needs and circumstances for more information.

Our Find an Adviser tool includes information on advisory organisations for the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. These may be able to provide you with more information about local organisations.

How do charitable funds and grants work?

Charitable funds are run by grant-giving charities to give grants to people in financial need.

In most cases, charitable funds have been set up to assist people in financial need who have something in common.

See the Turn2us About charitable funds guide for more information on how they work.


How do I use the Turn2us Grants Search?

Our Grants Search database makes searching for grants much easier.

It contains details of charitable funds that give grants for welfare or educational purposes.

You will find funds that may help you based on your current or previous circumstances e.g. occupation, health situation etc. . 

See the Turn2us How do I search for help using the Turn2us Grants Search guide for more information.

What information do I need to do a grants search?

Before you start to use our Grants Search database, we suggest that you collect together the information that you will need if you decide to make an enquiry to a charitable fund - for yourself or on behalf of someone else. This will also help you when you are searching for grants.

Read our checklist of information needed to make an enquiry/application to a charitable fund

How do I apply to a charitable fund for a grant?

Each charitable fund has its own enquiry and application process that applicants asking for help have to follow.

However in most cases, there are two stages involved:

  • Making an initial enquiry
  • Submitting a formal application

See the Turn2us How do I make an enquiry or application to a charitable fund guide for more information.

Will a grant affect my benefits?

See our section on Charitable funds and benefits for more information.

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