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How do I search for help using the Turn2us Grants Search? - Turn2us Grants Search: Keyword search

This section explains how to use the Turn2us Grants Search to find charitable funds that may be able to help you, based on your personal circumstances, background and needs.

Turn2us Grants Search: Keyword search

Screengrab showing the Keyword search on the Turn2us Grants Search

You can also search for possible charitable funds using the keyword search.

To do this, put your term in the box in the middle of the results scheme above the charity summaries (see Screengrab above). Then click the search box next to it.

This will bring up any charitable funds that have the term you have searched on in their profile.

You will have to read the profile carefully to see if you are eligible for help for the charitable funds that are included in your results. Some of the charities may match the keyword you have put in, but you may not be eligible for help because you don't meet the eligibility criteria.

If you get no results on the keyword search

If you get no results on the keyword search, this may be because there is no match for the term you have searched on.

However, the help defined by the search term may be available but:

  • Another term is needed - for instance, a particular type of cancer might not come up, but the general term 'cancer' will give results
  • It isn't specified in any charitable funds' listings. For example, many charitable funds assess whether a person is eligible for help from their charity based on their eligibility criteria - such as occupation, health condition, religion. They then look at the person's needs and decide what help they can give them. This might be something that they commonly fund and listed in their profile or it might be something specific to that individual that isn't listed but is vital to their wellbeing.

So it is always worth doing a search based on broader need, background and circumstances using the keyword and filtered searches if you don't find what you want using specific keyword terms. Then make an enquiry to charitable funds that you seem eligible for help from.