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Register your charity on our Grants Search

If you are charity or not-for profit providers of grants and you would like to promote the grants you give through the Turn2us Grants Search, please fill in the registration form below.

Please note: This section is ONLY charities/providers who give financial grants to people in financial need who want to register on the Turn2us Grants Search to promote their grants.

If you are trying to contact us or register for an account for any other reason, please see the box below:

What kind of charities/providers do you include on the Turn2us Grants Search?

At the moment, the type of organisations listed on the Turn2us Grants Search are::

  • Non-commercial organisations that could either be a registered charity or a trust that provide funds or goods/services for people in financial hardship
  • Utility providers such as water, gas and electricity that provide support specifically to their customers or general support. There must be no commercial obligation on the recipient in order to receive help.

Is there a charge?

The service is free of charge to charities and not-for-profit organisations.

What are the benefits of registering my organisation on the Turn2us Grants Search?

If you register your charitable fund/not-for-profit grant-giving organisation on our Grants Search database, we will give you a Turn2us charitable fund's/provider's account through which you can:

  • Opt to access and reply to grant enquiries made by individuals and intermediaries online through Turn2us
  • Change or update information about your funds at any time
  • Amend your status (e.g. whether you are currently accepting online enquiries).

For more information, read our Charities/Providers User Guide

How do I register?

To register for a charity/provider account, please fill in the form below. Once we receive the completed registration form, we will contact you regarding the setting up of your Turn2us account. This may take up to five working days.

Charity Registration Form

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